When it comes to choosing a cloud service model, companies have three options to pick: a public cloud, a private cloud, and a hybrid cloud. The latter is considered as the most comprehensive solution, dedicated to those who want to use not only the on-premise platform but also a private cloud and a public cloud for data storage. Check the benefits of hybrid cloud solutions and find out if this model is tailored to your business needs.

#1 Security

Hybrid cloud is much more secure than a public one. The public cloud provider owns and manages the cloud, which means that the user cannot control the cloud infrastructure. Therefore, sensitive data should be stored on-premise or on a private cloud – the public cloud is too risky. Hybrid cloud solutions effectively protect your data from cyberattacks and leakage.

#2 Scalability

Hybrid cloud solutions allow companies to quickly increase their operational capacity, without investing in physical infrastructure and buying new servers. Many companies decide to store sensitive data on private clouds and simultaneously benefit from public clouds to develop applications faster and easier than ever before.

#3 Cost

A private cloud is a secure but expensive solution which demands investment in equipment and IT staff. The best way to use a secure cloud and save money is to invest in a hybrid cloud. This solution is scalable, which means that your company does not have to restrict itself to the private cloud’s storage.

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