A dedicated cloud infrastructure, also known as a private cloud, is one of three types of cloud computing. Unlike public and hybrid clouds, private cloud solutions are considered the most secure option for enterprises which store sensitive data. It is because cloud computing resources in the private cloud are used entirely by a single company. The cloud can be located on the internal on-site data centre or hosted by a cloud provider. Check the most popular advantages of private cloud solutions.

#1 Security

Undoubtedly, the most important advantage of a private cloud is its security. Using a private cloud, you can be sure that only your company has access to your data. Private clouds are recommended for companies which store sensitive data and take care of security. The on-site data centre is managed by an internal IT team. On the other hand, data stored by a cloud provider can be accessed by highly secure networks.

#2 Customization

Contrary to the public cloud, the private one can be accurately tailored to your company’s needs. It results in greater control over your business processes and customisation to all technical requirements. Private cloud solutions allow you to choose an infrastructure with resources that meet your business challenges.

#3 Compliance

Every company must comply with national or internal policies and laws. The private cloud’s deployment is consistent with access-control and retention policies. Private cloud solutions allow you to store customer data in accordance with data privacy regulations.

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