Never before has remote work been so popular as nowadays. During the pandemic, many global enterprises switched to remote work and had to meet new business challenges. Thanks to cloud solutions, such as Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, employees can participate in video conferencing from anywhere, and all that they need is a mobile device and Internet connection. However, remote work has many benefits not only in times of a pandemic but also during fulfilling our everyday job duties.

#1 Accessibility

Many employees spend much time commuting – even 2-3 hours per day. Remote work allows you to save time & money and work from anywhere, from any device. All that you need is an Internet connection. Companies which move to the cloud often enable their employees to work remotely – permanently or temporarily.

#2 Space & money savings

Instead of looking for a bigger office, you can move to the cloud and reduce space taken by IT infrastructure. The cloud allows you to reduce your IT footprint and make better use of space. Moreover, the cloud reduces capital investments, such as servers, cables, software licences, or maintenance costs.

#3 Collaboration support

The cloud increases productivity and supports collaboration. Your teams can easily communicate via the cloud and complete projects earlier than before. Thanks to real-time updates and the ability to work from anywhere, the collaboration via the cloud is more efficient than a traditional email exchange.


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