Cloud computing has revolutionised the way companies store data. More and more companies are investing in a cloud solution dedicated to their business needs – not only large multinational enterprises but also small startups. Some say that the cloud is the greatest IT invention since Wi-Fi, and we strongly agree with this statement. Today, we are going to focus on the main benefits of the cloud.

#1 Flexibility & mobility

We do not recommend much working overtime or on holiday but sometimes it is unavoidable. Using the cloud, you do not have to go back to work to check some information or access data – you can do it anywhere you are! The cloud gives you the freedom to work the way you prefer – at home, via the commute, or at work (from any device). The only condition is an Internet connection. Be always up to date and make good use of the time spent in public transport.

#2 Scalability

This is the most often repeated advantage of the cloud. Using the cloud, you do not need to worry about the storage. Forget about expensive upgrades and trust your cloud solution provider who will tailor the storage to your current business needs. Scale up and down your IT departments in the most convenient way and be always ready for an increase or decrease in traffic – without extra expenses on physical infrastructure.

#3 Reduction of IT costs

Maintaining and managing IT system tend to be expensive. With the cloud, you can reduce your IT costs by using the resources delivered by the cloud solution provider. The cloud is a cost-effective solution because you can reduce energy consumption and avoid unexpected expenses (the contract can include costs of upgrades, hardware, etc.).

#4 Data security

Sensitive data must be protected in the best possible way. The most popular cloud solution providers, such as Azure and AWS, spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity to protect their clients’ data. The precautions include access control, authentication, encryption, etc. To make your data secure, use private or hybrid clouds.

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