Although the cloud is sometimes called “a revolution in data storage”, it is not a flawless invention. If you are going to move to the cloud, be aware of the risks and disadvantages of the cloud solution. We have selected cons of the cloud to underline what you should pay the most attention to.

#1 Data security

Mobility and flexibility of the cloud can be both advantage and disadvantage of this solution. It is convenient to access data anywhere and from any device. However, it is also risky. Your sensitive data can be accidentally accessed by unauthorised people, so you should invest in good security measures and discuss this issue with your cloud solution provider. Also, remember to keep sensitive data on a private cloud (not on a public one!).

#2 Internet connection

The cloud and the Internet connection interact with each other. When your Internet connection is slow or (what worse) there are some troubles with Internet delivery, you are losing access to the cloud. Before you decide on the cloud, be sure that your Internet is fast and strong. However, you can do nothing about downtime.

#3 Limited control

The cloud is owned, monitored, and managed by a cloud solution provider, which means that the companies do not exactly know where their data is stored. Moreover, the vendor’s management policies and end-user licence agreements may establish some limits on customer’s permissions. While the customers can control their data, applications, and services, it is not obvious with their backend infrastructure.

#4 Cost

The cloud can be an expensive investment, especially when it comes to short-term projects. However, most vendors (e.g. Azure and AWS) use a pay-as-you-go model, which is flexible and cost-effective. The cloud is also a way to reduce hardware costs but simultaneously the cost of the cloud itself is rather high. Before you decide on the cloud solution, check free trials to learn how it works in practice and if it meets your business challenges at all.

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