Although moving to the cloud is one of the most popular IT solutions nowadays, not all companies are ready for this step. The cloud solution is dedicated to these companies which aim at growing and improving their efficiency. If you are satisfied with your in-house server farms and your on-premise solutions are enough, you do not have to go with the flow. The cloud has many advantages, but this solution is also quite expensive. Check if your company is ready for a cloud solution or if it would be better to postpone the decision.

What do you expect?

Answer the following questions. Take your time and focus on all business needs.

  • Would you like to take your company to the next level and become more competitive?
  • Can you invest in staff training to meet the new privacy and security challenges?
  • Have you seen the offer of any cloud vendors (e.g. AWS or Azure)?
  • Do you understand the differences between public, private, and hybrid cloud? Have you already decided?
  • Have you chosen the cloud developer who will deploy the cloud?

Are you ready for this?

If you have answered “yes” to at least 3 questions, you are thinking of the deployment seriously. These basic questions should be considered at the beginning of your cloud journey. Luckily, you do not have to be an expert to deploy the cloud – this is the role of a cloud developer. Remember that a cloud developer is not only an executor but also an advisor.

A good cloud developer will:

  • explain the most complicated issues,
  • help to decide for the best approach to the migration,
  • explain how the cloud can improve your business processes,
  • take care of security issues,
  • tell you about all the benefits and threats for your company,
  • show the differences between particular vendors.

Choosing a reliable cloud provider is half a battle. With professional support, you can be sure that the chosen cloud solution will be tailored to your needs, secure, and cost-effective. Contact Hicron, to get more information about the cloud solution.

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