The COVID-19 pandemic has entirely changed the way we work. Most of us must have stayed at home and work remotely. However, this situation allowed testing all the advantages of cloud computing in our everyday lives. Which cloud solutions have been most popular among remote workers worldwide?

Google Meet

Is it possible to organise a conference during a pandemic? Of course, it is! Video conferencing with Google Meet is one of the most popular services for online meetings. What is essential, Google Meet uses the same security protections as Google – to safeguard the user’s information and privacy. This solution allows companies to organise meetings with the whole crew – up to 100,000 viewers. Google Meet’s users can leverage the service entirely online (with no software to install) from any device they prefer. Thanks to AI enhancements, calls are clear and high quality. This solution is available for business, schools, and other organisations – Colgate-Palmolive, Gant, BBVA, Salesforce, Airbus, Twitter, Whirlpool, and PwC are some of Google Meet’s clients.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s communication and collaboration platform include video meeting, workplace chat, file storage, and application integration. MS Teams can be integrated with both Office 365 and non-Microsoft products (with extensions). Like Google Meet, Teams’ users can participate in meetings from anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection (up to 10,000 users). MS Teams is used to chat, meet, call, and collaborate by many global enterprises, e.g. SAP, Cerner, Telstra, Mott MacDonald, Schneider Electric, and GE.

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