Cloud computing allows companies to use on-demand and available resources for data storage. Therefore, users do not have to deal with direct management, pay for licences or hardware for software operation. Cloud providers most often use a pay-as-you-go model, which is cost-effective and lets companies avoid unexpected expenses. Moreover, the cloud is scalable and flexible, which allows us to save time on optimisation and tailor the cloud to our business needs. However, cloud developers offer many solutions for companies that want to start their cloud development journey. What is the best cloud solution?

Cloud solution tailored to your business needs

There is no single answer to the question about the best cloud solution because it depends on your company’s needs. Each company is different, and that is the reason why cloud developers create a wide range of cloud solutions. We have selected the most popular solutions from the official offer of Hicron – an experienced cloud developer and expert in digital transformation.

  • Cloud adoption – the process of migration to the cloud conducted by the cloud developer. The process depends on the vendor’s choice (e.g. AWS or Azure).
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) – the cloud developer builds the environment for the deployment of software.
  • Cloud-Native App Development – the developer creates the upgraded, deployed, and optimised applications using the platform’s main benefits. The process is adjusted to the company’s needs.
  • Hybrid cloud – the company does not have to choose either a public or a private cloud. There is also a third option: a hybrid cloud, which is the combination of the former and the latter. This cloud solution is both cost-effective and secure.
  • DevOps services – the AWS service which ensures better cooperation between development and operation teams. This cloud solution helps to adapt to the changing market, reduce time-to-market, improve collaboration, and strengthen security.

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