2020 will pass into history as a surprising year. The COVID-19 pandemic made most of us work remotely and participate in video conferencing. It was a challenge for many people who were accustomed to everyday commuting. However, companies which have invested in a cloud solution could finally benefit from moving into the cloud. Which cloud providers are most popular in 2020?

Top 4 cloud computing companies in 2020

  • Amazon Web Services – the first cloud computing company worldwide with an offer based on the IaaS model. In 2020, AWS is still strong and ahead of the competition. This year, AWS focuses on developing AI and machine learning services, 5G, ad edge computing.
  • Microsoft Azure – the second largest cloud computing company with a hybrid cloud solution. In 2020, Azure seems to be a favourite enterprise’s cloud provider: during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies decided to use Microsoft Teams for remote work.
  • Google Cloud Platform – the third strongest cloud computing platform in 2020 strengthened its lead through Google Meet, which became a favourite tool for video conferencing of remote workers. Moreover, Google Cloud has begun to cooperate with Informatica, SAP, VMware, and Salesforce.
  • Alibaba Cloud – this cloud solution is popular mostly in China, and it is a leading cloud provider in Asia. Alibaba has its centres in Asia, Australia, Middle East (United Arab Emirates), US (West & East), and Europe (UK & Germany). This cloud is used among others by Philips and Ford.

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